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What is the Conduct of Queens?
All rulers, both male and female have a code of conduct. The Code is their rule book and they measure everything with their code.
All queens understand that they must have rules in order to rule.
Queens understand their power...
A wise queen understands that she can change the atmosphere wherever she goes with her conduct. She can “influence or infect” others with positive ideas and kind words. Or she can deal in negative whispers
Queens understand and honor other queens...
A wise queen understands that not only is she the ruler of her domain, but other queens have domains as well. Their boundaries must  be respected and honored. If a queen chooses to ignore this rule, then her territory can be at stake.
Queens understand respect...
A wise queen understands that respect is the key to ruling well. Although she is a ruler, she understands that respect is the gift she gives in order to receive respect.

Queens understand and respect  boundaries and rules...
A wise queen understands and respects the property of others and she respects boundaries; both personal and in her community. She honors established rules and serves as a role model.
Do you have a
Code of Conduct?